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Meet Pedro

Pedro’s mom is a brain injury survivor after a vicious attack at the hands of a client left her unable to continue her work as a social work professional.  Pedro was a vital part of her recovery.  As Pedro aged he developed a heart issue that required medication and a cardiogram every year.  The Butters Fund paid for 6 months of his heart medication so that his mom could catch up on some of his canine cardiologist bills.

Meet Zoey

Barbie was a young medical professional when an accidental overdose left her permanently disabled two years ago.  Her thoughts immediately turned to her longtime companion, her dog Zoey.  Barbie transitioned into a care home facility and the Butters Fund stepped in to make sure Zoey has the routine medical care she needs in 2018 to life out her doggie golden years with the only owner she has ever known, Barbie.

Meet Stitch

Fifteen-year-old Stitch has lived a great life with her mom who is on disability and has limited mobility.  When Stitch became ill with a chest cold her mom was beside herself.  The Butters Fund had a mobile vet visit Stitch to address his illness and allow him to live out his super senior years healthy and with his mom.

Meet Ruger

Lovable Ruger is a brain injury survivor himself.  Animal Control found Ruger after he had been shot in the head and left for dead. Animal Control and Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue gave Ruger some much needed medical attention.  The rescue pledged to help Ruger find his forever home, but after all he had been through he needed some training.  Butters Fund was proud to step up and support Ruger’s efforts to be his best doggie self.  When adopted, Ruger’s new family will even have a few complimentary training sessions, so Ruger can be a perfect gentleman in their home.

Meet Tiki

Tiki was abandoned in a parking lot when her family moved.  A spinal cord injury survivor saw Tiki in the parking lot and wanted to give her a home, but a spay surgery and vaccinations for Tiki was not in the budget. The Butters Fund stepped in to make sure that Tiki could stay in a home where she was loved instead of fending for herself on the streets.

Meet Princess

Princess spends her days not too far from her human, Steve.  Steve is an Air Force Veteran and a survivor of brain injury, after being struck in the head during a robbery in Tucson in the early 90’s. Steve has adjusted to life in a group home for TBI survivors, thanks in large part to his service dog, Princess.  The cost of food and grooming adds up fast.  The Butters Fund was happy to help Steve in 2018 with the cost of grooming and some ongoing training for Princess.

Meet Little Bit

Little Bit’s mom has survived multiple brain injuries.  Many of them occurred after equestrian accidents while riding horses and during her days on the rodeo circuit.  Little Bits was in the early stages of Valley Fever in Southern Arizona when the Butters Fund stepped in and provided medication and a veterinary exam.  The illness was caught early and stopped.  

Meet Smokey

Smokey was having trouble holding down food and fading fast.  The Butters Fund made it possible to get to the vet and get a quick diagnosis.  He is now on the road to recovery.